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Day 1 | Tuesday | 25th April 2023

Welcome, BTOES Healthcare Transformation Live

General Session | BTOES Healthcare Live

Welcome and introduction

Welcome and introduction to BTOES Healthcare Transformation Virtual Conference.

  • Andy Tilstra
    Chief Information Officer

NINTEX | BTOES Healthcare Live

Driving Consumer Agency in Healthcare
Leveraging Discovery and Automation Tools to Create Best Practice Processes

Digital transformation in healthcare is more than eliminating paper, it is about driving efficiencies on both the front and the back end of the business. Despite pressures to digitize, in many instances, paper still rules. Many still rely on aging forms for managing patients, interacting with suppliers, and dealing with employees.  

When steps are taken to automate these processes, manual, cumbersome and slow coding techniques are often employed. This slows time to value and reduces ability to scale…in other words, preventing real transformation. Moving past manual process automation helps healthcare organizations to redefine sustainable operational excellence. 

Join Erik Hille at Nintex for an insightful webinar that covers: 

  • How Nintex supports planning, mapping, then managing your processes  
  • How can help identify further opportunities for improvement  
  • How automation optimizes processes and drives operational excellence 


  • Erik Hille
    Solutions Marketing Director

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Break Time | BTOES Healthcare Live

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Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies | BTOES Healthcare Live

AI-Powered Digital Transformation in Healthcare

AI is fundamentally changing how businesses operate, redefining the way people work and transforming all industries worldwide.

In pursuing digital transformation initiatives, organizations are seeking how best to leverage data as an asset, implement a data-centric

culture, and capitalize on machine learning algorithms to improve their customer experience and improve their competitiveness. 

This session will focus on best practices for digital transformation initiatives and how AI and data analytics can be leveraged to enhance

Business outcomes. The latest trends and direction of AI technology, key challenges, and recommendations will be reviewed.

  • Bill Wong
    AI and Data Analytics Leader

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Break Time | BTOES Healthcare Live

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Sanofi | BTOES Healthcare Live

Empowering Excellence in R&D
“We can do better science by operating more efficiently”

The biopharmaceutical R&D value stream process is complex, lengthy (10 years average to develop a biologics drug from discovery to commercial launch) and highly matrixed. It consists of technical processes which interfaces with various business processes needed to enable the drug development process.

In addition, the R&D environment naturally focusses on “scientific excellence” and faces cultural challenges to embrace “operational excellence”. Thus, the long lead time to develop a drug combined with the highly matrix interfaces and cultural barriers makes it challenging to develop an operational excellence roadmap for R&D. The road to operational excellence in R&D is very young and more complex compared to the manufacturing and service businesses

  • requires adaptation of traditional approaches to fit the R&D processes
  • requires transversal collaboration to be successful
  • requires cultural change within the organization

This presentation will demonstrate the impact of Operational Excellence for R&D, in terms of transforming R&D into a highly efficient organization and enabling scientific excellence in R&D. It will show you how to build your own roadmap for empowering excellence in the R&D environment, which will include the following

  • overview of the biopharmaceutical R&D process
  • challenges in applying operational excellence in R&D
  • how to develop a strategic Operational Excellence roadmap in R&D
  • examples of case studies

  • Vatsala Sadasivan
    Operational Excellence Lead, R&D North America

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Break Time | BTOES Healthcare Live

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United States Department of Veterans Affairs | BTOES Healthcare Live

How to fuel Innovation in Healthcare using Intelligent Automation: 5 Key take-aways

The COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for digital transformation, driving new expectations for the post-pandemic era, especially in the healthcare industry. This was not easy, since healthcare organizations are under constant pressure to meet compliance, budgetary, information-access, to improve patient care and to provide better experience for employees.

Across this new landscape, digital transformation is at the top of the agenda, with companies embracing emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation. Let's drill down together into 5 key ideas for healthcare organizations to redefine their future with Intelligent Automation: identifying the potential pain points, opportunities and challenges to proceed, understanding the market demands and the IT environment (legacy applications backbone), incorporating compliance and following regulations for automation solutions, taking into account security and privacy protocols, ensuring quality monitoring and elevating workforce satisfaction.

  • Defining the digital transformation strategy and the governance model

  • Understanding the digital transformation barriers: data quality, unstructured data, data security, talent, budget, Return of Investment etc.
  • Selecting the starting point for the automation journey (Financial Services, Supply Chain Management, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Human Resources etc)
  • Integrating legacy applications with emerging technologies
  • Validation and Compliance strategy to ensure fully automated GxP and non-GxP processes
  • The importance of big data and cognitive automation roadmap to plan, analyze, optimize and accelerate Intelligent Automation

  • Cristina Duta
    Director of Intelligent Automation, Global Business Services

Recap | Look forward Day 2

General Session | BTOES Healthcare Live

Recap | Look Forward Day 2

A recap of the days sessions and preview of day 2.

  • Andy Tilstra
    Chief Information Officer

Day 2 | Wednesday | 26th April 2023

Day 3 | Thursday | 27th April 2023

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